Certificate Programs

Northwest Florida State College offers several types of degree programs and certificate options, as well as adult education, high school equivalency instruction, and non-credit continuing education. A program of study may also be custom developed to meet the needs of an individual student. Many of the program options provide educational ladders for students who wish to alternate their college studies with employment or to work while attending college. NWFSC serves students who want to enter a career immediately after a two-year degree or short certificate program, as well as those who plan to complete a bachelor's degree, either at this college or another institution. Here are some frequently asked questions about courses and programs at NWFSC:

I want to earn a bachelor's degree. What does NWFSC offer?

NWFSC offers seven bachelor's degrees. Four are in Teacher Education, two are in Business, and one is in Nursing. Schedules are flexible, and many courses are hybrid, reducing the number of times you have to drive to campus.

If I take courses at NWFSC, will they transfer to another college or university?

Yes, if you plan to transfer your courses to another public institution in Florida, you can be confident that equivalent courses will transfer; as the University of Florida notes, "Transfer of a successfully completed course from one institution to another is guaranteed when the transferred course is determined to be equivalent to one offered by the receiving institution. Equivalencies are indicated by the same prefix and last three digits and comparable faculty credentials at both institutions. For example, SYG 1010 is offered at a community college. The same course is offered at a state university as SYG 2010. A student who has successfully completed SYG 1010 at the community college will receive transfer credit for SYG 2010 at the state university, if the student transfers. The student cannot be required to take SYG 2010 again since SYG 1010 is equivalent to SYG 2010." It is very important that you complete your Associate of Arts degree at NWFSC so that all 36 credits of General Education are transferred intact to a university or other college, even if that institution's General Education requirements are different from NWFSC's.

I want to go to work immediately after my two-year degree. What does NWFSC have to offer?

NWFSC offers Associate of Science programs in many high-demand, high-wage fields, including computer science, nursing, other health-related fields, and manufacturing technology.

How do short-term certificates contribute to credits needed for an Associate in Science degree?

The Associate of Science (AS) degree is a two-year degree that prepares you for immediate employment in a career. Most AS degrees at NWFSC contain within them certificates that provide career ladders to help you earn recognized credentials on the way to graduating with your AS. For example, all the courses in the core of the Computer Programmer College Credit Certificate are also core courses in the Computer Programming and Analysis AS. If you complete the certificate, you are already nearly 80% of the way through the AS core courses.

What sort of Professional and Continuing Education options does NWFSC offer the community?

Through its Costa Leadership Institute, Community Education, and Personal Enrichment classes, NWFSC offers community and businesses many options for continuing education and improving skills. From yoga to ballroom dancing, from art to history classes, and from leadership training to industry certification prep and exams, this arm of the college serves the larger community.