Associates of Arts Degree

Do you plan to earn a bachelor's degree? The bachelor's degree remains an important ingredient in your lifelong earning potential. Over your lifetime, you will earn more with a bachelor's degree than you will with less than four years of college, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The College Board reports that graduates with a bachelor's degree will earn about 66% more during their working life than a high school graduate will earn.  

Northwest Florida State College offers the Associate of Arts degree, which is the first two years of the bachelor's degree, for students planning to earn the four-year degree. You will complete your General Education courses and take electives in the area in which you are interested; NWFSC offers classes in a wide range of subjects, from architecture to zoology.

Earning an NWFSC AA degree assures you certain rights to transfer credits to any public Florida university. The difference between taking your first two years at NWFSC or at a university is the personal attention from professors, the small classes, and much more affordable tuition. NWFSC also offers classes at night and online, as well as during the day, to accommodate working students. Our seven locations ensure that we are convenient and easily accessible. NWFSC is focused on you and your success-start your college journey with us!