What is Smarthinking?

Smarthinking is an online, real-time tutoring service providing FREE help from qualified tutors in writing, math, Spanish, accounting, economics, chemistry, physics, biology, and anatomy and physiology.  Additionally, students in the nursing programs are able to access specific online tutoring for nursing topics.

Using Smarthinking, students may contact a live tutor for immediate help, schedule a session, or submit papers or questions for feedback via email. Students also may access the Smarthinking Writing Center online.   Smarthinking allows students to get help quickly with academic challenges at any hour of the day, night or week, before they fall too far behind in their college subjects. 


How many Hours of Free Smarthinking Tutoring does NWF State College Provide?

Each NWF State student is provided 2 free hours of tutoring through Smarthinking for each semester.  If you need more hours, contact the Academic Success Center (ASC) at 850-729-5389.


How do I Access Smarthinking?

Smarthinking is located in your D2L Home page. Log onto your D2L account.  Click the "NWFSC Resource" tab.  Click the "Smarthinking Access" link.  Use the following link to log into your D2L account:  D2L Account Login.    For more information, please use the following set of directions:  Smarthinking Access to Online Tutoring.


Call 729-5389 for more information about this free service through the ASC.