As Academic Affairs administrators, we want to extend a special welcome to you. We are delighted to have you enrolled in our one of our academic programs; as part of our mission, we offer access to a quality education for everyone, whether you need a GED or are ready to work on a bachelor's degree.  NWF State is committed to your success-our mission is to improve your life.

We are expanding our Career and Technical programs so that our students will find satisfying employment after completing a certificate or a technical two-year degree; recent program additions include Welding, and we look forward to offering CyberSecurity soon. The quality of our Associate of Arts degree, intended for students who wish to transfer to a university, is recognized across the state; we have the highest percentage of faculty with doctoral degrees of any Florida state college. NWF State provides you with an excellent choice for the first two years of any college degree, and as part of our commitment to offer everyone access to education, we keep our tuition costs among the lowest in the state.

We hope you will consider staying close to home if you are pursuing a bachelor's degree, taking advantage of our flexible schedules, campuses in various convenient locations, and online offerings. NWF State now offers seven Bachelor's degrees, ranging from Business to Teacher Education, to Nursing.

We wish you the best in your academic endeavors, and we look forward to being part of your success!

Dr. Sasha Jarrell, Ph.D., Vice President, Academic Affairs
Mr. Dennis Sherwood, Dean, Career and Technical Education
Dr. Anne Southard, Ed.D., Dean, General Education