Office of Institutional Research

Welcome to the website of the Office of Institutional Research at Northwest Florida State College! As the primary collector and provider of data concerning the college, we endeavor to assist the college community by providing reliable, relevant, quality data to facilitate planning, budgeting, accountability, institutional assessment, program evaluation, and the development of policy decisions.  Our office is located on the Niceville campus, Building 320 (Formerly A).


The mission and purpose of the Office of Institutional Research is to contribute data, information, and analysis to Northwest Florida State Colleges' culture of inquiry and evidence in support of learning assessment, decision-making, strategic planning, continuous improvement, and mandatory reporting.

What We Do

  • Coordinate the dissemination of institutional data.
  • Create, analyze, and interpret management information from survey data.
  • Collect data about the College's performance.
  • Provide data and information to authorities such as federal and state governmental as well as accrediting bodies.
  • Improve teaching and learning by assisting departments with data needs for program reviews and other assessment efforts.

Sources of Information

Commonly needed information is published on the IR web site in reports easily accessible by all. Please use the menu on the left to navigate for data and information:

  • Standard Reporting: A library of commonly used reports and presentations is updated each year. Browse through this site to find current data and historical trends.
  • IR Data Request Form:  Use this form to specify custom information requirements. A member of the IR staff will be assigned to work with you as a consultant and retrieve the information needed. 
  • Fact Book - The Fact Book is published annually and is designed to provide a statistical history of the college's annual progress and information related to its mission, programs, and services.


IR staff frequently consults with users on complex, ongoing research projects and routinely participate as valued members of various committees throughout Northwest Florida State College. Other sources of information and research include:

  • Institutional Review Board (IRB):  Research involving human subjects must comply with federal and regulations that protect the rights and welfare of individuals being studied.  All researchers must be trained on Northwest Florida State College's IRB procedures.  Some routine academic research is exempt from IRB oversight, but it is always best to consult with the IRB to ensure compliance and protect all involved.
  • Institutional Effectiveness:  NWFSC is committed to the continuous enhancement of its programs and services.  To that end, the college employs an Institutional Effectiveness System grounded in data collection and research, with assessment of goals, objectives, and outcomes the key driver in a closed-loop evaluation system.    The practical implementation of the system occurs at three levels.